A taste of cultural diversity

23 Jun, 2017 :: Montego Bay, Jamaica

More than one hundred Jamaicans came with their families to participate in the event ‘Cultural Café’ onboard Logos Hope in Kingston, to taste different foods, experience cultural performances, and learn more about the 64 nations the ship’s volunteers hail from.

To break the ice, crewmembers held a competition on the stage. Three children volunteered to participate, and after being loosely blindfolded, they attempted to eat cinnamon rolls hung on strings without the use of their hands, to the sound of much laughter from the audience.

Four local event participants bravely tasted cultural dishes – Brazil’s bolo de milho, Korean noodles, Ecuador’s bolon, and Malaysia’s roti canai and curry – and made guesses as to which country the food comes from. Glasi Cruz (Brazil), YeaSel Jo (Korea), Adriana Davila (Ecuador), and Shasmita Sarkunan (East Asia Pacific) came onstage to describe the foods they had prepared for the game and to explain when the dishes are normally eaten in their nations.

A quiz about different countries’ flags, holidays, and traditional practices created friendly rivalry between tables as audience members called upon their knowledge of the world’s nations and learned new cultural facts.

Leanne Pounder (UK) spent much of her youth living in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States, and was open with event participants as she explained that the multi-cultural upbringing left her feeling like she did not belong anywhere. Leanne had always relied on her family to be the unchanging factor in her life, and when that constant failed, she felt lost. Leanne shared her story of how she found her identity in something greater than a place or a group of people.

Sheila Forester, who was attending the event with her granddaughter, told crewmembers that she has travelled to other countries with her job as a public health worker, and in spite of having seen a lot, she still enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to learn about the different nation’s the ship’s crewmembers hail from.

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