Everyone needs love

18 Aug, 2017 :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Children from four orphanages around Port-au-Prince were welcomed on board for a special event planned just for them. Through dances, games and activities, crewmembers connected with the kids and showed them that they are loved and valued.

Several Haitians who are volunteering on the ship throughout Logos Hope’s visit to the port helped with the children’s programme by performing a drama about a girl with a broken heart. Dramas are typically performed by crewmembers, but event planners recognised that the kids would connect more deeply with a drama performed by local people who can both speak Haitian Creole and tell the story from a culturally relevant and sensitive perspective.

The Haitian volunteers used the drama to show that every person is born with a heart that has been contaminated by negative things, like telling lies, being envious of someone else, or taking something that is not theirs. However, the girl with the broken heart has her life saved when a doctor replaces her heart with one that is clean and pure, full of love and joy.

Following the drama, crewmembers taught the children a song about everyone needing love. Even though the song’s words are in English, the tune was simple and the accompanying actions of forming the letters ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’ and ‘E’ were easy to follow and soon the entire group of children had the song memorised. The lyrics were so memorable that even the adults continued to sing it as they exited the event.

There was such a positive response from the young participants who attended the two showings that when an additional orphanage arrived to visit the ship later in the day, event coordinators added an impromptu third show so that those children could also experience the programme. About 300 kids participated in the onboard events for visiting orphanages.

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